“This world is but canvas to our imaginations.” - Henry David Thoreau.

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I'm in first year of a master's degree in computer science and management at the IUP MIAGE in Aix-en-Provence, France.

I obtained a DUT (2 years technology degree) in 2015.

Computer science enthusiast for years, I have already acquired a lot of experience in several domains like web, applications, databases, network and many other related. Always interested by improving the world and insipred by futuristic movies, I asked myself no question about what to study: I wanted to become a digital technology engineer. My actual training at the IUP MIAGE offers me the opportunity to developp and improve my nontechnical skills with courses in project and human ressources management. I'm also fond of photography and more precisely wildlife and underwater photography.

I had practice many different sports : Tennis, mountain bike, rock-climbing, skiing, horse-riding, and I took part in track and field events with some success (Silver medal on 100-meter dash).

Jérémie Doche
Jérémie Doche

Jérémie Doche

Engineer trainee, Sopra Steria Group.
Amateur photographer.

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Development in progress . . .

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My experiences in computer science and technology are plentiful and started before my high school diploma. Here are all my experiences in professionnal environnement for the past 3 years.

Work experiences

Trainee, Design and development engineer Sopra Steria Group, 01.08.2016 - Today

Migration of Oracle E-Business Suite specific code from version 11i to R12.

Missions :
- Code review and correction
- Unit tests (results and comparison analysis)
- Redacting specifications
- Skills improvement (PL/SQL, Oracle Reports and Forms, XML / RTF Templates)

Chargé d'affaires, Volunteer JMC Aix-Marseille, 10.2015 - Today

In contact with the client, I am responsible of the proper management and development of the project from the requirements until the delivery through the design and ressource monitoring.

- Collecting clients requirements
- Project Management (resources monitoring)
- Coordination with quality and treasury services
- Delivery and deployment of solutions
- Consulting

Intern, Design and development engineer Sopra Steria Group, 04.04.2016 - 31.07.2016

Development of an Oracle application (APEX) to improve the deployment of specific code in Oracle E-Business Suite R12 ERP.

Intern, Development engineer Safe Technologies, 03.11.2012 -

Migration of C/C++ DLL (from Borland to Visual Studio)

Librairies migration used in nuclear mesurements electronic devices in C/C++ language (Borland C++ and Borland Builder) to recent environnements (Visual Studio 2013).

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Project Management

HR Management

Business Strategy

Web, Mobile



JS / JQuery

Swift 4



Design (Digital)


Photoshop CC

Illustrator CC

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